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leaves 2015-16 New School Year Update
The 2015-16 school year is a BIG one for us! We’re growing in ways that we could only dream of eight years ago, and we’ve got so much to share with you, we’re going to break it down into a list of our most exciting "jump up-and-down on the first day of school" kind of...
11255321_840841546008706_4709564730243825337_n Check out the progress we made this year!
At the end of each school year we celebrate by making a really fun visual representation of all we accomplished! This year was AMAZING and we're so excited to share our impact with...
Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.58.52 PM Eco-Audit Winners & Citywide Showcase
EcoRise Youth Innovations funded over 20 green campus projects across Austin this spring, thanks to the generous support of the The City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability. Over 20 creative projects designed by 5-12th grade students were selected and $8,500 was awarded...

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Sustainable Living Practices

of students adopted at least one new green habit or behavior, averaging four new behaviors/student. The most popular choices included eating healthier, energy conservation, water conservation, & waste-reduction.
"The most inspirational thing is seeing and hearing how small designs can truly make an impact in the world."
— EcoRise Student