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Thanks to a generous grant from Bazaarvoice Foundation, EcoRise has a beautiful new website and is developing a robust online delivery platform which will allow EcoRise to serve and support teachers anywhere in the world! The platform – which will go “live” in Spring 2014 - will feature our unique curriculum, resources, DIY toolkits and crowd-sourced lesson plans!

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301070_161920697234131_1605913641_n The New Year is About New Beginnings
From Craig Snook, Board Chair Did You Help Anyone This Year? As I looked at the news on New Year’s Day, I came across an article: “Nations Around the World Start New Year in Style”. My eyes immediately went to a bolded quote in the article (by the Pope): Did you help...
screen-capture-47 Introducing the Eco-Audit
One of the big shout-outs this fall goes to our community partners who supported us for the creation and delivery of the ECO-AUDIT Toolkit, a program that places students as leaders, spearheading the movement to create a healthier, more efficient campus. The continuing surge in...
Fulmore Middle School Environmental Science Class Don’t Forget to Have Fun!
All educators know that the more you engage students by making a classroom experience interesting and accessible, the more likely they are to learn. Adding a healthy dose of “fun” to the mix exponentially increases those chances. EcoRise’s school program was created with...

Sustainable Living Practices

Percentage of students who adopted at least one new green habit or behavior.
"The most inspirational thing is seeing and hearing how small designs can truly make an impact in the world."
— EcoRise Student