Currently Teaching: Grade 11 Honors Chemistry and Grade 12 AP Biology at Codman Academy Charter Public School in Boston, Massachusetts

EcoRise Teacher Since: 2016

Eco-Audit Grant Recipient: Armed with the results of their 2016-17 Public Spaces audit, Ed and his students received $1,953.37 in micro-grant funding to design school learning spaces that live and breathe – including a turtle tank, aquaponics system, and teaching gardens.

Combining a designer’s spirit with a hard science background, Ed brings a sense of collaboration to his campus and beyond. Not only is he transforming the traditional classroom model into a student leadership generator, he continues to share lessons learned with the wider education community. Alongside EcoRise Program Director Abby Randall, Ed even presented Design Studio curriculum implementation at the EL Education National Conference in Chicago in October 2017.

Advice to EcoRise Teachers: “The [EcoRise] community support on Facebook is really helpful, and reaching out and asking questions is a great way to get started. The choices can be overwhelming, so some filtering is very helpful to narrow down your choices to focus on. The curriculum can and should be modified for the needs and skill sets of your students. You know them best, so trust your instincts regarding what topics and activities your students will enjoy.”

His Two Favorite Design Studio Lessons: “‘Elevator Pitch’ is my favorite way to share ideas with the community. It is also an effective way for students to truly focus on the critical aspects of their projects and be able to explain it clearly and succinctly to a stranger. It serves as a great way to build presentation and speaking skills while training students to be hyper-focused in refining their ideas to the core essentials. Also, the ‘Fail Forward’ protocol is a wonderful way for students to get multiple “reps” to practice sharing ideas. It makes sure every student is aware of the other projects, which allows them to be allies and supporters of their peers’ work.”

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