Currently Teaching: STEAM and Outdoor Education at Centreville Elementary School in Fairfax County Public School District, Virginia.

EcoRise Teacher Since: 2016

Eco-Audit Grant Recipient: Mary Ann’s students received a total of $2000 in the fall of 2016 in Eco-Audit Grant Funds. Their project – Water, Water Everywhere – aimed to reduce campus water bottle waste production by 10% by installing a water filling station and encouraging the use of reusable water bottles.

Congratulations, Mary Ann! As a 2017 Winner of the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators* (PIAEE) from the Environmental Protection Agency, Mary Ann has risen above and beyond in leading and shaping green schools. From working with her campus’ 90-student Green Team, to training teachers and administrators state- and nationwide on implementing STEM education, Mary Ann is both a sustainability pioneer and an EcoRise role model.

Some of her fresh ideas include coordinating a food sharing program for students, launching a school farmers’ market, building ten outdoor learning areas, and turning kids into TED talk presenters.

Advice to EcoRise Teachers: “Someone asked me what an environmentalist is.  My response was as follows: they understand the plight the world is in, they share their knowledge and compassion for the ecosystem, they recognize the possibilities for our future, but foremost they take action. So be fearless. Teach our students how to be environmentalists – help them take action to save our Earth.”

What’s Next: Presenting on behalf of EcoRise at the Virginia Children’s Engineering Convention in February 2018 on “Reimagining School Buildings and Sustainable Intelligence Freemium lessons.”