Bungane Mehlomakulu, Chairman

Principal, Integral Group

Bungane is a design principal working at the boundary between architecture, engineering, and sustainability to deliver a balanced, efficient, and meaningful services to customers and clients. Partnering with clients he helps identify high impact strategies that leverage sustainability to unlock value across all aspects of the buildings performance. His work focuses on accelerating the sustainable design business case throughout the industry through direct project involvement, organizational development and, community engagement. Bungane’s passion for sustainable buildings encompasses the entire building design and operation where approach to design helps clients develop opportunities that lie outside the scope of traditional MEP services. Bungane is in his second year of service as EcoRise’s Board Chairman.

Dan Jensen, CPA, Treasurer

Chief of Staff, Capson Physicians Insurance Company

Laura Nettleton, Secretary

Development Director, Explore Austin

Laura comes to EcoRise with expertise in nonprofit development. With a Master's Degree in Advertising from The University of Texas, Laura spent four years working in advertising agencies as a campaign strategist before she crossed-over to the non-profit sector. For the last four years while working in fundraising, Laura has raised over $3.5 million in donations and helped establish a grants department in a large, state recognized nonprofit. Currently the Director of Development at Explore Austin, Laura provides EcoRise with guidance in major gifts, donor cultivation, and grant writing.

Geoff Cline

General Counsel and Business Strategist

Geoff dropped out of graduate film school to become singer/songwriter and touring musician. After his band broke up and he had to consult a lawyer, Geoff attended law school at U.S.C. Upon graduation, he practiced law in private practice with a large firm in California, leaving before becoming a partner to join Patagonia, Inc. as General Counsel. Geoff has been in-house counsel for companies in a number of business sectors, an entrepreneur (including co-founder of an independent record label, which is how he got to Austin), and an independent consultant/strategist in corporate social responsibility, organizational development and leadership. Along the way he has served as a board member/leader/legal advisor for many non-profits.

Rachel Fagan

Marketing Advisor and Brand Strategist

Rachel is a strategic, creative and analytical marketing executive with 20+ years of experience leading teams in both agency and client-side roles. She has deep experience developing brand strategy, crafting integrated campaigns and driving growth for B2C and B2B businesses utilizing the full suite of traditional and digital marketing, earned media and social media platforms. Rachel is passionate about the intersection of business and driving positive change in the world.

Tommy Lynn 

VP of Marketing & Brand, Nano Global

Tommy is a seasoned creative executive with expertise in branding, marketing, messaging, and design. He is currently the Chief Brand Officer at Verb, a social enterprise focused on democratizing social impact by connecting entrepreneurs, individuals, and global brands to the resources they need to do good. Prior to Verb, Tommy was the Global Creative Director for Dell where he ran teams that spanned UX, Global Brand, and the Dell Blue internal agency. His work at Dell also included many years serving the corporate social responsibility team on projects such as the annual Sustainability Report, Dell’s Reconnect recycling program, Dell’s Plat-a-tree program, and the Dell Earth initiative.

Randall Macon

Early-Stage and High-Growth Venture Advisor

Randall is an early-stage and high-growth venture advisor. He has more than 20 years of consulting and executive leadership in the education, healthcare, technology and renewable energy industries. Over the past decade Randall has focused primarily on social impact ventures helping them refine their business models, cultivate partnerships, equity fundraising and sustainable growth strategies. Randall currently serves as an advisor to 3 start-ups in Austin, Texas.

Craig Steinfeld

People Operations and Technical Sourcing, Google

Craig is an entrepreneurial business leader focused on building transformative, impact-driven businesses. As a Technical Recruiter in his third year at Google, he supports high-growth engineering teams for Google's Cloud and Enterprise Platform. Prior to Google, Craig was an early-stage employee who helped build startups which then scaled quickly towards liquidity events. Craig's desire to create sustainable change and improve the world around him informs his work in business and into the non-profit environment. Craig previously served on the Board of Directors for Bluecure.org and he is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle to impact the well-being of both people and the planet.