EcoRise serves roughly 64,000 students across 650 schools globally and has partnered with more than 500 green professionals. We are excited to partner with over 760 teachers to create a generation of green leaders across the world!


History of Program
Program Year Schools Teachers Total Students
2008/2009 1 1 20
2009/2010 2 2 215
2010/2011 4 7 265
2011/2012 4 4 178
2012/2013 8 12 382
2013/2014 17 33 1,981
2014/2015 60 100+ 5,500
2015/2016 650+ 750+ 64,000+


We are building the infrastructure necessary to scale and serve communities both locally and globally. We have recently moved our entire curriculum from print to an online platform and are developing innovative tools that allows us to support and connect teachers, youth, and the green community across the word. To learn more about our exciting expansion this year, read our 2015-16 New School Year Update.


Students across the world often lack access to strong project-based, STEM-focused programs that connect the outside community to the classroom. This is particularly true in low-income inner city and rural schools, which face a myriad of social, environmental, and resource challenges. We are committed to doing our part to close the achievement gap through partial financing opportunities made by possible by our generous donors. Historically, roughly 75% of EcoRise’s students have been classified as economically disadvantaged. To learn more about how you/your organization can support our Green Equity efforts, visit our Engagement Opportunities page.