Biomimicry and Science: Applying Nature’s Strategies is an EcoRise curriculum that introduces students to eco-literacy and design innovation concepts through project-based learning methodologies and by emphasizing real-world applications. At a time when we need sustainable solutions to solve many pressing local and global challenges, researchers are finding that solutions to many of these problems already exist in nature. Biomimicry is the practice of looking to nature for strategies to solve human challenges. This course, found on our eStore here, introduces students to biomimicry via numerous striking examples, with connections to core content in chemistry, physics, and biology.

Below are 5 beautiful and engaging posters designed to inspire and intrigue students to use biomimicry. Feel free to click to download these posters and share with anyone who can draw inspiration from the natural world today!

If these posters get your gears turning, be sure to check out our free Biomimicry and Science: Design Challenge module! This free download will help guide you through designing a nature-inspired solution to a global issue related to climate change. You can then submit your design to the annual Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.