Across Texas, hundreds of organizations are working hard to bring environmental literacy programs to K-12 students and cultivate a generation of sustainability leaders. Under the banner of our shared goals, there is a huge opportunity to join forces and build a data-driven strategy for collective impact.
Earlier this spring, dozens of organizations participated in the first phase of a data collection process – with the aim of coordinating a systems-diagnosis of K-12 environmental education in Texas. While this project continues to evolve with feedback and participation, it remains anchored in three major goals:
Understanding the Movement
  • Map environmental literacy programs across Texas and correlate to data indicators for equity and climate vulnerability.
Building Strategic Alliances
  • Bolster connectivity among K-12 program providers and identify opportunities to partner and accelerate collective impact.
Increasing Support
  • Use data visualization to create compelling value propositions, expand audiences, and drive new resources to the movement.



With the data collected, EcoRise has built an array of tools and resources for the community, including the following reports and dashboards:


If you would like to learn more or have ideas and feedback, please contact us here. If your organization has not yet participated in this project and you would like to add your information,  please complete this survey.

This project was organized by EcoRise with the support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6, Tableau, Target, UT Austin, and hundreds of community leaders throughout Texas and beyond.