Innovation in the Classroom

EcoRise Youth Innovations enlivens conventional classrooms with standards-aligned k-12 curricula that introduce students to ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY, SOCIAL INNOVATION and HANDS-ON DESIGN SKILLS. Through a project-based learning approach, youth are empowered to tackle real-world challenges in their schools and communities and create innovative solutions in the areas energy, water, waste, transportation, air quality, food and public spaces. EcoRise provides the following services to teachers, schools, and districts across the world:

TeachGrow Connect Impact

  • TEACH: Standards-aligned, project-based K-12 curriculum content and educator resources focused on environmental literacy, social innovation, and hands-on design skills.
  • GROW: Multi-modal, ongoing professional development that cultivates a professional learning community and supports teachers in confidently implementing program.
  • CONNECT: Facilitated connections with green STEM professionals who provide project mentorship and introduce students to green career pathways.
  • IMPACT: Funding opportunities to support students in bringing green campus projects to fruition.
The multidisciplinary nature of the EcoRise program makes it versatile and valuable for many teachers. EcoRise is particularly well-suited to strengthen and compliment STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses, by offering interactive opportunities to apply knowledge and develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, technology, collaboration and leadership.

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“The EcoRise program gives students an opportunity to explore green solutions for global problems. The majority of my students commented that it really opened their eyes to the issues that surround us.”
— EcoRise Partner Teacher