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Transforming passive learning into student-driven community action.

PBL Academy, or Project-Based Learning Academy, is our flagship district-wide program. It is a full-featured suite of training and support programs that shift the traditional paradigms of academic instruction using the PBL pedagogy.

We educate and motivate teachers to transform instructional practices so they become facilitators of learning. In turn, students transform from passive observers of the educational process into active participants. EcoRise’s PBL Academy is intended to show how multidisciplinary programs, coupled with sustainability education, can truly change our world.

See the impact PBL Academy has had in Tomball ISD!

Project-based learning is highly effective when administrators are empowered, internal support networks are bolstered, and instructors are provided with professional development and planning tools allowing them to design the best experiences for their students.

EcoRise proposes three-year relationships with PBL Academy partner schools and districts in order to create a strong instructional culture, build internal capacity for on-going training, and ensure instructional practices are sustainable over time.

PBL Academy partners receive:

  • Introduction to PBL Training(s): A three-day training designed for the instructors who will implement Project Based Learning on their campus
  • PBL Training for Administrators: A one-day training designed for campus administrators who are responsible for PBL implementation success on their campus.
  • Facilitator Development: Training on materials and scaffolding techniques for individuals who will support the PBL initiative as a district trainer.
  • On-going support to achieve high-fidelity implementation

“I honestly came to PBL training after having to look up what the acronym stood for with very little expectation. I was pleasantly surprised by how relevant and authentic the whole training was and how it only took about 15 minutes for me to be totally excited about what the 3 day workshop had in store for me as well as what implementing PBL would mean for my classroom.”

Stephanie RyanTeacher, Creekview Elementary, Tomball, TX

We serve teachers and students across all 50 U.S. states and in 54 other countries.

During the 2022–2023 school year we served:






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