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EcoRise Freemium lessons are stand-alone lessons from each of our five curriculum suites, including Sustainable Intelligence, Design Studio, Business of Social Good, Green Building Lessons for a Sustainable Future, and Biomimicry and Science. Each lesson includes a detailed lesson plan as well as additional resources such as student worksheets, presentations, and assessment checklists and rubrics.

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We are excited to offer these free lessons to PreK–12th grade educators who are looking to foster environmental literacy, social entrepreneurship, interest in green careers, and student innovation in their classrooms. This package includes a growing number of lessons for every grade level including 24 lessons in English and Spanish from our Sustainable Intelligence curriculum.

EcoRise Freemium lessons include: 

Introduction to Sustainable Intelligence

These lessons set the stage for students of all ages to develop sustainable intelligence by understanding how innocent actions can turn into unsustainable practices that impact everyone and the Earth we call home

Decarbonizing the Electric Grid

Explore what it takes to get to a low-carbon energy future through activities, podcasts, and a web app. Students will be challenged to think about current inequities in our energy system, managing the intermittency of renewable resources, and balancing competing criteria of energy production options.

Personal Eco-Audits

These six engaging lessons provide students with the tools they need to measure their own resource consumption and understand how their behaviors compare to those of households across the world.

Seed Guardians

This hands-on activity encourages young students to get creative with an art project they can use to witness the germination process, learn how to care for seeds and seedlings, and discuss why seeds are so important.

Integrative Process

In this green building lesson, students learn that in addition to systems thinking and life-cycle analysis, another important aspect of successful green building projects is an integrative process.

Any many more…

  • Campus Waste Eco-Audit Module
  • Classroom Blackout! Mini-Audit
  • Drip, Drip, Drop
  • Air Quality in My Neighborhood
  • A Living Wall
  • Zero Waste Campaign
  • Biomimicry Design Challenge Module
  • Business of Social Good: Fail Forward
  • Design Studio: Walking in Your Shoes
  • Lessons for Understanding Our Water Footprint

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