EcoRise partners with elementary, middle, and high school teachers to infuse sustainability education and project-based learning methodologies into core content STEM subjects. With an emphasis on green design innovation, our program introduces students to current problems and solutions surrounding water, food, energy, transportation, public spaces, air quality, and waste, and inspires them to take action on campus. We offer our growing network of partner schools access to a flexible, standards-aligned curriculum, interactive and relevant training workshops, and consulting services aimed at developing a school’s sustainability program and green volunteer network.

Schools who partner with EcoRise receive a package of services and resources including, but not limited to, the following:

  • SUSTAINABILITY & DESIGN CURRICULUM: 100+ lesson plans (including PowerPoints and activity sheets), DIY design/build projects, resource library, and a comprehensive teacher’s guide including best practices, supplementary materials, and more.
  • TEACHER TRAINING & SUPPORT: Local or online facilitated program launch training for teachers that introduces the curriculum and design thinking methodologies. Ongoing support includes webinars and face-to-face sessions with veteran EcoRise teachers and sustainability experts, toolkits and personal support to help schools develop their green campus strategy, build volunteer networks, and plan end of year Youth Solutions Summits. Teachers are also invited to a members only online portal sharing crowd-sourced lessons, resources, videos, rubrics, e-portfolios, and more.
  • GREEN PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS: Green professionals representing the fields of waste, water, energy, and more offer guest speaking opportunities, project mentorship, and career exposure. EcoRise facilitates student connections with green STEM professionals through online tools include video-conferencing in the classroom or face-to-face engagement.
  • STUDENT INNOVATION GRANTS: EcoRise actively cultivates relationships with partner corporations and municipalities to drive funding to support student green campus projects. This past year, students raised over $30,000 in impact grants for Eco-Audits and associated campus improvement projects, awareness campaigns, and classroom innovations.

We’re looking for teachers who…

  • want to strengthen STEM education with real-world applications and visiting guest speakers from the fields of engineering, science and green technology
  • are passionate about teaching leadership skills, creative problem-solving and environmental sustainability
  • enjoy inquiry-based & project-based learning methodologies

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