EcoPreneurship Toolkit introduces students to social entrepreneurship and design innovation and includes a capstone project that challenges students to develop and pitch their own green business ideas. The curriculum is aligned to business and entrepreneurship courses and integrates real-world case studies and the most current business strategies and thought-leadership.

This program includes:

  • 24 engaging lessons that employ entrepreneurship, personal-development, project-based learning, and design-thinking methods.
  • A beautifully designed playbook for students to document their entrepreneurial aspirations, processes, and inquiries.
  • A comprehensive teacher’s guide that includes a glossary, suggested resources, and innovative business case studies.
  • Standards alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) Entrepreneurship standards.

In addition to the EcoPreneurship Toolkit, the included Support Package comes one year of online training and implementation resources and discussion boards to share ideas and questions with teachers across the country. To purchase the EcoPreneurship Toolkit and Support Package, visit today!

Facilitator’s Guide

This guide provides tips and strategies to empower you to confidently implement the EcoPreneurship Toolkit program in your classroom.

Module 1: Introducing Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Lesson 1: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
Lesson 2: Introduction to Sustainability
Lesson 3: Business Ecosystems and Stakeholder Integration
Lesson 4: Entrepreneurial Motivation and Mindset

Module 2: Identifying Personal Strengths and Group Challenge

Lesson 1: Personal Lifeline
Lesson 2: Detective Discovery
Lesson 3: Personal Mission Statement
Lesson 4: Pose the Challenge

Module 3: Exploring the Issue in Greater Depth

Lesson 1: The W Race
Lesson 2: Prepare to Connect
Lesson 3: Connect with Stakeholders
Lesson 4: Share Stories and Identify Themes

Module 4: Brainstorming a Variety of Solutions

Lesson 1: Brainstorm Solutions
Lesson 2: Focus Ideas
Lesson 3: Fail Forward
Lesson 4: Quick Models

Module 5: Choosing and Refining a Solution

Lesson 1: Business Model Canvas
Lesson 2: Impact-o-Meter
Lesson 3: Prototyping
Lesson 4: Iterating

Module 6: Sharing the Vision

Lesson 1: Strategic Action Plan
Lesson 2: Executive Summary and Elevator Pitch
Lesson 3: Design Board
Lesson 4: Manifesto


State, National, and International Standards Alignment

  • Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS)

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Documents Available for Download

EcoPreneurship Curriculum Suite Overview (pdf)