EcoRise is an expert in designing world-class sustainability curriculum. With over fifty years of collective curriculum development experience, we create products that are engaging, user-friendly, and standards aligned with a focus on real-world projects and action. EcoRise delivers fully-designed packages which include complete lesson plans, slideshows, facilitator guides, student activity sheets, resource libraries, assessments and supplementary materials.

Our curriculum is anchored in design-thinking methodologies and project-based learning and can be customized to serve a wide variety of ages groups and subject areas. Working closely with our partners, our curriculum team develops the scope and framework of the curriculum using a five step creative design process.

  • IDENTIFY: Alongside our partner, we develop the project’s vision, scope, objectives, and work plan.
  • EXPLORE: EcoRise conducts market research and focus groups to develop high-impact curriculum customized for the end-user.
  • CREATE: We develop the project’s scope and sequence, modules, lessons, brand design and supplementary materials.
  • REFINE: EcoRise tests the content with the teachers or other users and improves the product through feedback and assessment data.