EcoRise believes that high-quality, student-driven sustainability education should be accessible and affordable. At just $500 per teacher, EcoRise teachers in the Sustainable Intelligence Program have access to:

Comprehensive K-12 Sustainability and Design Curriculum

EcoRise teachers receive access to over 200 standards-aligned, hands-on lessons, including our bilingual, STEM-based Sustainable Intelligence Curriculum (SI) that introduces students to challenges and opportunities surrounding seven distinct eco-themes and engages youth in developing real-world solutions in their communities through project-based activities, design labs, and campus Eco-Audits. EcoRise teachers also receive access to our Design Studio Curriculum which guides students through a creative problem-solving process as they invent innovative solutions to a specific sustainability challenge.

Teacher Training & Support

EcoRise provides year-round face-to-face and virtual training for teachers, which introduces the curriculum, the Eco-Audit Grant process, and instructional best practices rooted in design thinking and problem-based learning. Additionally, teachers receive access to an online platform that provides self-paced training resources as needed, including short videos, teacher and student rubrics, implementation calendars, a project library, the Eco-Audit Grant application and project exemplars, and a global teacher support network. View upcoming professional development opportunities at

Eco-Audit Grants

Students who complete one or more Eco-Audits from the SI curriculum are eligible to apply for up to $500 per project to support green student innovations and initiatives that tackle sustainability challenges identified during the Eco-Audit. On average, an EcoRise teacher’s students receive a total of $860 in grant funds per year.

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