Brittany Jayroe

Brittany Jayroe has worked in education for over 6 years. She stumbled into the field by happy accident and found a home in helping young people establish their own footing in the world.  She’s honed her knowledge and teaching skills through leading instructional teams in project-based learning, leading school departments in sustainability and social justice-minded curriculum development and implementation, coaching Master’s candidates on capstone portfolios, consulting on homeschooling education, and facilitating 21st Century Skills seminars to young people preparing to enter the workforce.

Brittany is a graduate of Texas State University with a BA in Mass Communication and a graduate of Relay Graduate school of Education with an MA in Teaching.  She has taught middle and high school humanities in large charter networks, tiny start-ups, and schools dedicated entirely to sustainability.  Most recently, she served as one of 7 founding members of Rooted School in New Orleans.  Brittany’s efforts helped earn Rooted School the 2018 LAPCS Innovative Education Award and become New Orleans’ highest performing new start-up school in the city’s history.

Joining EcoRise, Brittany is excited to bring her passion for sustainability and social justice education to a new generation of green leaders.