Jaynell Nicholson, M.P.A., M.S.E.S.

Jaynell has always had a passion for connecting people to nature and science. In school, the lack of diversity around her was always palpable leading her to join and lead various efforts to support and retain students of color. Jaynell’s time teaching and empowering underrepresented students in STEM specifically was invaluable. She is always looking for innovative ways to give students a more equitable experience in and out of the classroom.

Holding a B.S. in Conservation Biology from Kent State University, Jaynell has invariably been eager to improve environmental quality and connect social-ecological systems. She has recently completed a dual Master’s program at Indiana University earning a degree in Environmental Science and a degree in Public Affairs. Her graduate studies focused on finding equitable solutions to urban environmental problems. Her call to work in the non-profit sector was engrained after completing the Environmental Fellows Program in 2019.

Jaynell is elated to join the EcoRise team as the Project Manager of the Collective Impact Project which helps stakeholders visualize the impact of Environmental Education service providers through GIS mapping, Kumu systems mapping, and Tableau. Her passion for giving back guides her need for community involvement and volunteering in her spare time. She also enjoys hiking, cooking, and caring for her plants.