A healthy planet. An educated workforce. Citizens who are prepared to solve unforeseen challenges in a rapidly changing world. These are not “red state” or “blue state” issues. Addressing them requires visionary leadership, collaboration across all sectors, and immediate action. At EcoRise, we believe our growing environmental crisis and political gridlock on climate change stems from a simple fact: the majority of K–12 students in the American education system graduate from high school environmentally illiterate and unprepared to build resilient communities of the future. 

Our solutions-oriented, K-12 program directly addresses the problem at its root, providing public school students with the opportunity to act as sustainability leaders and changemakers in their communities, developing projects with social, environmental, and economic impacts—from California to Texas to Washington, D.C.

By the 2020–21 school year, EcoRise aims to engage over
4,000 educators and impact more than 250,000 K–12 students.

We will accomplish this by:

Launching our programs in a network of high impact hubs, launching programs in underserved communities, and improving workforce development offerings.
Deepening our program's impact through our Teacher Ambassadors, an expanded Student Innovation Fund, and an external evaluation of our program.
Generating financial sustainability through multi-year commitments, increased fundraising capacity, and the development of a rainy-day fund.
Fostering a thriving organization by promoting a strong culture and recruiting incredible people nationally to join our staff, board, and advisory council.
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Help us reach our goals.

Check out our progress:

National Summer Institute Kicks Off in Austin, Summer 2018.

EcoRise Launches in Houston, Spring of 2018.

EcoRise Puts Down Roots in New York City, Spring 2018.

Student Innovation Showcases Roll Out Across the U.S., Spring 2018.

LEED Prep: Green Building Lessons for a  Sustainable  Future Published, Spring 2018.

EcoRise’s Green Building Program piloted in Boston, Fall 2018.

Green building Internship launched to diversify green building industry, Fall 2019.