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Dear EcoRise Community,

We are devastated by the murders of Tony McDade, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others who were victims of racist police brutality before them. Over the last week, we have witnessed a national response to systemic racism and racial violence, and we want to be clear that we stand in solidarity with Black Americans.

At EcoRise, one of our core values is Equity. We recognize that environmental justice is inextricably linked to racial and social justice. As we work to ignite a new generation of leaders to tackle critical environmental challenges from climate change to food insecurity to toxic drinking water, we understand that we cannot be effective without addressing the systemic racism that influences every part of our lives, from our justice and health care systems to environmental policy and our education system. These and other systems have led to the devastation of Black and Brown communities at the hands of COVID-19. We join our Black and Brown colleagues, friends, families, and partners in the fight against systemic racism across our country, communities, and institutions.

At EcoRise, we strive for a just and prosperous world. And we have work to do. As an organization, we are leaning into our core value of Resilience just as our Black communities have done for the centuries they have been fighting for equality and justice. We commit to supporting and amplifying the voices of our Black and Brown teachers, students, and partners. We also commit to developing thoughtful anti-racist educational resources through the lens of environmental justice. Lastly, we commit to existing in a space of discomfort and unlearning our racist biases so that communities of color can live and thrive in healthy and just spaces.

In solidarity,

The EcoRise Staff and Board

Abby, Abigail, Amaryllis, Amie, Brittany,
Craig, Dan, Esther, Gamal, Gina, Jaynell,
Jenny, Jenji, Jessica, Jon, Josh, Juan,
Katherine, Kelley, Kizzy, Kristi, Laura F,
Laura N, Mitch, Rob, Valerie, and Zakhia

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