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The movement to build a sustainable future for all is global, requiring the collaboration of schools, UN agencies, non-profits, and the private sector. Together, we can address the enormous social and environmental challenges associated with climate change, while uplifting the next generation of sustainability leaders. To support the work of teachers and students everywhere, EcoRise is building enduring partnerships with entities worldwide.

Meet our newest allies!

Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth, an Initiative of the United Nations 
EcoRise became a proud member of SDSN – Youth in 2017, joining youth-focused organizations worldwide in meaningful action towards achieving the SDGs.

In 2012, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) to mobilize global scientific and technological expertise to promote practical problem solving for sustainable development, including the design and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local, national and global scales. In 2015, the SDSN launched its official youth initiative (SDSN Youth) to empower youth globally to create sustainable development solutions. SDSN Youth educates young people about the challenges of sustainable development and creates opportunities for them to use their creativity and knowledge to pioneer innovative solutions for the SDGs. In addition, SDSN Youth creates platforms for young people to connect, collaborate and integrate their ideas and perspectives into national and regional pathways for implementation of the SDGs.

Kenya: Woodland Star International School
In 2016, Woodland Star became the first EcoRise campus on the African continent, bringing Sustainable Intelligence curriculum to students at a time when school leaders had reaffirmed their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Woodland Star International School in Limuru, Kenya is a progressive learning community that impacts the lives of children through educational innovation, excellence and empowerment. Offering Montessori, American and IB curriculums, and value-centered around Passion, Connectedness, Innovation, Respect, and Environmental Conservation, its vision is to develop lifelong learners who will live meaningful lives in a complex and changing world.

United States: The Biomimicry Institute
This year, EcoRise and The Biomimicry Institute released a cutting-edge curriculum for high school biology, chemistry and physics courses called Biomimicry and Science: Applying Nature’s Strategies, along with a set of supplementary lessons for interested participants in the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. Leveraged by the Institute’s vast international network, these materials attracted attention and interest in further partnerships from over 21 countries.

The Biomimicry Institute is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet by advancing the study and application of biomimicry. Their Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, hosted in partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, is an annual competition that asks teams of students and professionals to address critical global issues using nature as a design mentor.

Turkey: Natural Sciences Association
EcoRise is designing a partnership with NSA, with an aim to train and equip teachers in public and private schools across Turkey with adapted Biomimicry and Science curriculum and resources.

Natural Sciences Association is a non-governmental organization founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008 by academics, doctors, biologists, engineers, students and corporate leaders with the objective to bring scientific information to all levels of understanding. Promoting interest in biomimetics, robotics and other natural sciences through conferences, exhibitions, researches and publications, NSA has organized more than 3000 conferences worldwide; including Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, Macedonia, Albania, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates and more.

South Africa: Plant the Seed
EcoRise is exploring a partnership with Plant the Seed to build upon existing education transformation happening in South Africa’s public and private schools.

Plant the Seed Education is a social enterprise based in Cape Town, South Africa that provides an educational interface between the traditional school system and the world of sustainability, offering youth a lens focused on holistic, contextualized, real-world experiences of equality, sustainability, innovation and forward thinking. By supporting teachers through transformative pedagogy workshops, education platforms and challenge-based learning, virtual reality (VR) educational videos, and experiential learning, they aim to facilitate a movement of youth who are conscious, connected and courageous custodians of the future world.

Mexico: Instituto Thomas Jefferson
EcoRise’s longtime partnership with ITJ continues through teachers’ use of the Inteligencia Sustentable curriculum with their students in the Mexico City and Querétaro campuses.

Instituto Thomas Jefferson is a private school system with a constructivist teaching process, a safe and warm environment, a bilingual education and a multicultural environment. With more than 38 years of experience, they form positive leaders through a unique educational model with a mission to develop in students the foundations of positive and entrepreneurial leadership, environmental awareness and social responsibility.

India: GBCI, an affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council
In partnership with the USGBC & GBCI, EcoRise is supporting a pilot curriculum adaptation of the Sustainable Intelligence Energy lessons for use in Indian public and private schools. The pilot will launch later this year.

Green Business Certification Inc. is the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green business industry performance and practice globally. With locations in the U.S., Europe and India, GBCI supports project teams and professionals in over 160 countries through certification, credentialing and customer support. In India, GBCI works with business and government officials to help address and meet the needs of a rapidly urbanizing country while helping accelerate the greening of the nation’s built environment.

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