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Dear Community,

We are pleased to share the 2019–2020 EcoRise Impact Report with you! This report highlights key milestones, stories, and outcomes from the past school year. Although unprecedented and challenging, the past year has also provided powerful opportunities for learning and healing. With the connections between public health, social justice, and climate resilience becoming increasingly clear, we recognize the value of EcoRise programs in creating holistic initiatives that address the three pillars of sustainability: social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability.

We are continuously encouraged by the young changemakers in EcoRise classrooms across the country who are problem solving to create resilient communities of the future. During the 2019–2020 school year, our 4,396 EcoRise teachers led over 246,000 students in 50 states to create real-world solutions to environmental and social challenges in their communities—many continuing student-led projects even as their schools were shuttered in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have used EcoRise for two years now, but it has been a life-saver lately. We have been able to do many of the EcoRise sustainability lessons online with our students. [It] encourages them to think about their own lives and how they live during this time.”

Sharon Charlebois, 5th & 6th Grade Teacher, Greenhill School, Addison, TX

Students have many superpowers. One of them is the unique ability to envision a positive future even in the face of adversity. This Spring, our students introduced adults to this concept. In lieu of our traditional in-person Student Innovation Showcases, we were wowed by 43 dedicated young changemakers who presented their Eco-Audit Projects virtually to 97 green professionals across the country.

“The students focused on a real issue that they saw they could improve. This is an inspiration to all of us to tackle the problems we see in our lives head-on in order to make the world a better place.”

Sally Parker, Energy & Sustainability Liaison, DC Public Schools, Washington, DC

EcoRise couldn’t do any of this without the support of our community. Thank you for being a part of this important force for good in the world today! We hope you enjoy reading and exploring our latest Impact Report.

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Together, #WeRise!

Jonathan Stott, Executive Director

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